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Trauma-Responsive Schools & Classrooms

The goal is to support the "...development of the capacity for connection, aliveness and creativity."

-- Laurence Heller


Judy Carr of Center for Curriculum Renewal LLC works with administrators and teacher leaders to support design and implementation of trauma-responsive schools and classrooms that incorporate evidence-based practices.  This includes services such as the following:

  • Co-constructing models of trauma-responsive schools and classrooms aligned with the school district's vision and goals and with the most current research on trauma-responsive educational practices.

  • Creating collections of materials related to trauma-responsive instruction and trauma sensitive behavior management aligned with MTSS.

  • Helping to design and implement plans for professional learning to leaders and teachers.

  • Developing choice boards, courses, workshops, webinars, and PLC protocols for professional learning

  • Designing materials and facilitating virtual and on-site groups to support impelmentation of trauma-responsive schools and classrooms.

 Sample Trauma-Responsive Choice Board #4:

   Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care for Educators


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