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Systems Coaching & Leadership Development

The Center for Curriculum Renewal has extensive experience working over time with school and district leadership teams, providing professional development and coaching for school leaders in all levels of the system, and coaching principals and curriculum directors to enhance their performance in their jobs using an approach we call Leadership Impact Coaching.


Center for Curriculum Renewal consultants have, for example:

  • Facilitated monthly seminars for school district administrative teams.

  • Conducted workshops, courses and institutes for administrators and teacher leaders.

  • Coached individual principals and central office administrators, helping them design leadership training, supervision and evaluation approaches, assessment systems, curriculum and program evaluation designs, and comprehensive local assessment systems.

  • Co-authored successful state-wide leadership grants, such as the Gates and SAELP grants in Vermont.

  • Delivered on-going professional development opportunities for leaders in Departments of Education in Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Trinidad.

  • Co-authored Succeeding With Standards (ASCD 2001), a book for school leaders on a systems approach to implementing standards.

  • Co-authored Creating Dynamic Schools Through Mentoring, Coaching, and Collaboration (ASCD, 2005).

  • Co-authored Improving Standards-Based Learning: A Process Guide for Educational Leaders (Corwin Press, 2009).

  • Conducted workshops for principals from 15 states as part of the Carnegie Corporation’s Middle Grades School State Policy Initiative (MGSSPI).



In planning for Leadership Development and Coaching in any educational organization, we are curious to know:

  • In what policy context are school and district leaders working?

  • What are the strengths of the individuals in leadership positions?

  • What are the needs of the individuals in leadership positions, individually and as a group?

  • What previous professional development and coaching have been available?

  • How do supervision and evaluation of teachers and school leaders align with the CCSS?

  • What formats for leadership development might be most effective given the needs and preferences of the group?


Does your organization have current needs for leadership support and development through on-site and off-site coaching, professional development, and ongoing support? We’d be happy to work with you to design a system of support.

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