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Standards-Based Curriculum Instruction and Assessment

CCR has developed tools and protocols to support system-wide processes linking curriculum, instruction, and assessment to identified standards and priorities, and we are currently involved in supporting the work of schools and districts to implement Common Core State Standards and associated assessments. These address the system as a whole: a local curriculum, instruction, and assessment plan based on standards; professional development planning; supervision and evaluation processes; profiles of student learning; comprehensive assessment systems; using research and data; and action planning for improved student performance.


For example, at the classroom level, we support:

  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards.

  • Development of standards-based units of study.

  • Using standards to strengthen reading comprehension.

  • Design of instruction based on research and best practices.

  • Development of classroom level standards-based assessment tools and strategies.

  • Development of standards-based means of reporting student progress to parents.

  • Design and use of interim assessments tied to standards.


For example, at the school, district, state, and national levels, we support:

  • Alignment with standards of local curriculum and assessment programs.

  • Development of procedures for adopting, adapting, and creating instructional materials and assessment tools.

  • Development and implementation of mentoring, colleague support, and staff evaluation systems

  • Professional development for standards-based curriculum and assessment.

  • Using standards in special education in the design of IEPs.

  • Evaluation of programs and creating systems for schools and districts to evaluate their own programs.


This work reflects four books we have published:

Carr, J. and Harris, D. (2009) Improving Standards-Based Learning: A Process Guide for Educational Leaders (Corwin Press, 2009).


Jones, P., Carr, J., and Ataya, R. (2007) A Pig Don’t Get Fatter The More You Weigh It: Classroom Assessments That Work. NY: Teachers College Press.


Carr, J. and Harris, D. (2001). Succeeding With Standards: Linking Curriculum, Assessment, and Action Planning. Alexandria, VA; ASCD.


Harris, D. and Carr, J. with Flynn, T., Petit, M., and Rigney, S. (1996). How to Use Standards in the Classroom. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

Curriculum Reviews

The Center for Curriculum Renewal offers a comprehensive menu of curriculum review options for schools, districts, grant recipients, and non-profit organizations. Examples include:


  • A comprehensive, standards-linking process for a suburban school district.

  • A K-12 curriculum review for several school districts in New York.

  • Evaluation of a school district’s teacher induction program in South Carolina.

  • A high school’s study of its offerings for non-college-bound/non-special needs students.

  • A comprehensive special education program evaluation for a major urban school district.

  • A Secondary Education Modernisation Programme in a Caribbean country.


Standards-Based Curriculum Review has two focus areas: (1) The degree to which curriculum, instruction, and assessment align with standards and (2) Student performance in relation to standards.


Curriculum review services provided by the Center for Curriculum Renewal can help you answer questions like these:


  • How well are our students performing in relation to standards?

  • How well does our curriculum align with standards?

  • How do our instructional practices align with standards? Are we giving students the opportunities to learn that support their learning of the standards?

  • How well do our assessment practices align with standards?

  • How well do professional development activities support standards-related student performance?


The Center can also help you to design and implement your own curriculum review processes, to develop evaluation tools and instruments, and to analyze and powerfully display your student performance data.

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