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About Center for Curriculum Renewal LLC

Established in 1990 and converted to an LLC in 2013, Center for Curriculum works with schools, school districts, state and national departments of education, industry, and foundations to support systemic implementation of standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment. 


The Center for Curriculum Renewal LLC offers a limited number of comprehensive contracts to schools, districts, and other organizations seeking in-depth, ongoing support for improvement efforts. The contract can augment the work of local curriculum and leadership experts or support schools, districts and organizations that do not have designated curriculum positions. While each contract is customized to meet local needs, examples of contracted work include the following:


On-site services:

  • Conducting ongoing professional development and coaching with district and school administrators and teacher leaders;

  • Providing support to building-based and/or district-wide coaches, teams and study groups;

  • Working with administrators and teacher leaders to manage development and implementation of programs and initiatives;

  • Aligning supervision/evaluation, budgeting, policy, etc., with the organizational mission and best practices;

  • Developing action plans, comprehensive assessment plans, and reports.

  • Facilitating the work and learning of administrative teams.


Off-site services:

  • Coaching school and district leaders in person and via telephone, Skype, and e-mail;

  • Developing materials, templates and procedures;

  • Reviewing policies, curriculum documents, and other artifacts;

  • Analyzing existing curriculum;

  • Doing research and development.


Currently, we work predominantly in the following areas of change and implementation:

  • Leadership Development and Coaching;

  • Standards-Based Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, with a current focus on the Common Core State Standards;

  • Use of Data and Program Evaluation/Curriculum Audits;

  • Special Education Program Development, Professional Development, and Program Evaluation.

Individual Coaching
Small Group Coaching
Systems and Leadership Coaching
Professional Learning for Administrators and Teacher Leaders
Other Services by Proposal
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